Louise Patinelli

Fine Art Gallery

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I'm delighted that you've found me out there on the world web, and I hope you enjoy visiting me virtually.

Many of the paintings I have uploaded are used to familiarize you with the variety of styles and techniques I enjoy using when creating a painting. I want to use a technique and color palate that always will best suit the subject matter I have chosen.

You can see my subject matter ranges from portraits, to landscapes and to object art or Icons. Again, the decision to use one medium over another is often dictated by the subject matter just as in the case of technique used.

Much of my work is done in the studio with the exception of landscapes begun outdoors in the form of a sketch or underpainting.

I accept commissions and feel very comfortable working from photos.

Please feel free to call for an appointment if you're ever up my way, or email me if you have any questions about my work. 
  • Plattsburgh, New York, United States